Garuda Features Know more about Garuda features

Email Bounce Processor

Intelligent Bounce processor

Bounce processing congruence to Traditional bounce codes and well as Extended Bounce Codes.

FBL processor

Intelligent FBL processor

As ESP's are updating themselves day by day, our intelligent FBL processing feature will process the FBL's accordingly and if it fails to process, it will intimate the user.

SMTP Selector

Intelligent SMTP Selector

If a SMTP is getting more bounce/FBL from any domain Garuda will leave that domain and make sure that the campaign will still go on.

Domain Throttling/Blocking

Domain Throttling/Blocking

For particular SMTP of a domain, Garuda allows the user to mention throttling and blocking.

Link Manager

Advance Link Manager

It provides detailed statistics report like no. of link clicks, including visitor's details like country, browser, OS, date& time etc.

Self Cleaning


It automatically removes useless data from the database and works for a long term, unlike any other application.

User Management

Advanced User management

It provides full control over the users and has dual credit calculation system to track accurate user credits.

Multiple SMTP Accounts

Handles multiple SMTP accounts

It can handle multiple SMTP accounts because of its intelligent mailing feature.

Domain Management

Domain Management

It automatically implements domain keys, DKIM and SPF because deliverability agent handles DNS issues for all the domains that are involved in a properly configured email campaign.



It provides fully integrated, high-conversion campaigns, and with the use of trigger it delivers the messages to targeted subscribers at the right time for best results.

List Segmentation

List segmentation

It targets user on the basis of relevancy of the messages which will result in high open rate, click through rate, better customer reach, customer loyalty and an increase in sales.

Auto responders

Auto responders

With smart follow-up, autoresponders get in touch with customers always, even if you are not working or away. Multiple autoresponders according to users need can be created.

Contact List Management

Contact List Management

It will allow the user to have good management skills with the contact list which will ultimately lead to a successful email campaign with high return on investment.



It's enhanced spam checker make it sure that the email which has to be sent is CAN-SPAM compliant.

24* 7 customer support

24* 7 customer support

After all this automatic intelligent stuff if the user still has some trouble our 24*7 customer support will provide assistance to them anytime, anywhere.

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

It provides detailed statistics with proper reporting format so that user can easily measure the success of hid email campaign.